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BROTHER m-Print MW100U1

m-Print micro printer
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BROTHER m-Print MW100U1
Slim, compact and easy to carry around, the m-Print micro printer is the micro answer to a massive problem: printing from your PDA or laptop when out of the office!
Even in these ‘electronic’ times, there are many occasions when a hard copy is needed – and it’s usually when you’re away from your desk or out of the office. Now it’s no longer a problem, with the compact Brother m-PRINT micro printer which lets you print from your PDA or laptop, wherever you may be.
· No moving printhead – virtually silent printing.
· Thermal head delivers high speed printing (4 pages per minute) so there’s no frustrating wait for printouts
· No liquid ink or toner – no fear when traveling of spilling into your bags ir pockets, or when being used. Never run out of ink or toner!
· No warm up time – instantly available when switched on
· Internal paper cassettes - quick and easy interchange of paper
· Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery improves portability as there is no need for cables
· Print from PDAs via an infrared interface and from laptops via USB connection
· Supplied with printing application software that reduces A4 size documents to A7

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