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Cuisinart PKT330RU

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Cuisinart PKT330RU
Bring a nostalgic feel to your kitchen with the Cuisinart PKT330CU PerfecTemp® kettle. The traditional stovetop kettle has the functionality you expect from a kettle in the 21st century while bringing you back to bygone days with its classical design and the sound of its soft whistle. Getting the temperature right is important in brewing the perfect cuppa, both for the taste and to optimize the release of anti-oxidants ? for a healthier lifestyle. The Cuisineart PerfecTemp® has an easy to read precision thermometer built-in so you are in control of the brewing process. The kettle, with its porcelain enamel exterior and iron core, heats up quickly and retains heat well ? saving you time and trouble if you want a second cup. The 1.5L capacity kettle also features a water level indicator and an ergonomically designed stainless steel soft-grip handle for safe and easy pouring. A full tea-brewing guide with recipes is included to help you make the best of your kettle. It is suitab

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