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Rapid boil cordless jug kettle
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StyleJugThis is the style of kettle.
Rapid boilYesThan a standard kettle
Power3 kwThe higher the wattage the quicker the kettle will boil. At Comet we class any kettle over 3KW as rapid boil.
Capacity1.5 litresIndicates maximum volume of liquid the product can hold.
ElementConcealedEliminates scale collection around element increasing life
Other Features 360 degree connector baseCan be replaced from any angle
Water level indicatorSo you can boil the amount of water that you require No need to guess how much water is in the kettle.
Limescale filterPrevents limescale deposits ending up in your drink therefore giving you a better tasting drink. Particularly suitable for areas where the water is extremely hard
Cordless kettleA cordless kettle helps to ensure that the cord does not get in the way when pouring.
White finishGreat looks for your kitchen

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