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BOSCH Styline Black Kettle

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BOSCH Styline Black Kettle
This Bosch Styline is a modern, jug style kettle with a black body and base with a black handle and brushed steel finish. You can pour out hot drinks for yourself or guests, friends and family. The kettle has a large 1.5L capacity and a stainless steel base containing a concealed 3kW heating element for rapid boil. You can brew all your favourite hot drinks perfectly with the 4 digital temperature settings, 70C, 80C, 90C and 100C. The keep warm function keeps the water at the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes. This cordless kettle has a double-sided water level indicator with one-cup markers to show you how much water is in the kettle, and how much more you need to add to depending upon how many cups you are making. The stainless steel interior, together with the concealed element helps to reduce the build-up of limescale that you experience in hard water areas. There is a limescale filter to filter out any limescale from the pouring spout.

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