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Panel heater
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400 watts power The greater the wattage the higher the maximum temperatue will be.
1 heat settings Variable settings allow you to choose heat level suited to your own particular comfort. A fixed heat setting is preferred by some people as they know the heater is either on or off.
Economy setting- ideal over long periods of time. Helps to save electricity.
ON indicator light for safety. To indicate to you that you still have this product on.
Overheat protection Will automatically switch off if thermostat gets too hot. Helps reduce the liklihood of fires.
Safety cut out Built in device to ensure the product cuts out if it is in danger of overheating
Wall mountable or freestanding. Helps to save on space if wall mounted.
Portable For added versatility, can be moved from room to room.
Low noise level for quiet operation To help ensure that you do not know that it is there!
3-year guarantee The guarantee really does ensure piece of mind and the manufacturers faith in reliability
BEAB and CE approved Safety and quality assurance for the consumer
Mains on neon switch Illuminates once heater is switched on
Low watt panel heater Low watt heater offering 400w of background warmth

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