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Retro fan heater
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Fan only Fan only output
3 kW power The greater the wattage the greater the maximum temperature.
2 heat settings Variable settings allow you to choose heat level suited to your own particular comfort. A fixed heat setting is preferred by some people as they know the heater is either on or off.
Thermostatic control Keeps the product at a constant pre-set temperature.
Cool- blow facility so you can use this product in summer as well as in winter!
2 heat and fan settings fan can be used at the same time as the convector heater to provide instant heat to the room.
Frost protection Helps prevent frozen pipes by switching on when temperatures fall bellow 5 degrees c
Variable heat control for selecting ideal heat Allows you to select the heat setting you require.
ON indicator light for safety. To indicate to you that you still have this product on.
Thermostat To maintain the optimum temperature.
Overheat protection Will automatically switch off if thermostat gets too hot. Helps reduce the liklihood of fires.
Safety cut out Built in device to ensure the product cuts out if it is in danger of overheating
Wall mountable or freestanding. Helps to save on space if wall mounted

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