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Polar S810i

ECG accurate heart rate monitor OwnIndexS Polar f
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Polar S810i
ECG accurate heart rate monitor OwnIndexS Polar fitness test that predicts your aerobic fitness level (VO2 Max) OwnCalS Calculates calorie consumption during exercise more accurately OwnCode - avoids cross-talk and interference from other HRM users HRmax-p Predicts your Maximum Heart Rate Recovery rate based on time or heart rate Heart Rate displayed in either % of maximum heart rate, bpm or average heart rate ?Interval Trainer Tells you when to start/stop each interval and recovery period Exercise Set allows you to set five exercise sessions for easy recall Stopwatch 99 lap times with current, average, max HR SonicLink download and UpLink Polar Precision Performance Software 4.0 included Memory capacity of up to 520 hours Records HR at either 5, 15 or 60 seconds Infra-red download and UpLink Advanced infra-red communication allowing two-way exchange of settings and exercise data with a PC, which has a built in IR-port and no need for additional devices Suitable for Windows 98 and

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