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Polar M21 M22 Series

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Polar M21 M22 Series
This heart rate monitor has many features which allow you to customise and monitor your training programmes. OwnZone provides automatic personalized intensity guidance, with alarms to alert you when outside your zone. OwnCal provides information on calorie counting within exercise, Exercise reminder operates three days after your last exercise. Calorie points are calculated on the basis of one point for each 100 kcal burned. It has Owncode to prevent interferance from other HRM users. It is backlit, which can be operated hands free via the Heart Touch system. It also has one file in memory: exercise date, exercise time, time in zone, limits, average heart rate, calories, fat consumption estimate, total calories, total exercise time and fitness index.
This heart rate monitor has many features which allow for customisation and monitoring of training programmes

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