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Polar AXN500

Outdoor Computer Watch
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Polar AXN500
Sea level pressure and altitude with graphical trends. Absolute barometric pressure with drop alarm.Temperature.Vertical speed (ascent and descent rate) with average and max rates. Compass features, bearing in degrees, declination setting. Vertical speed (ascent and descent rate) average and max. Cumulative ascent and descent. 100 action files.Heart rate displayed in either BPM or % HR Max.OwnIndex - Polar Fitness test performed by simply lying down for 5 minutes. OwnCal - calculates calories burnt during exercise. OwnCode - coded transmission to reduce cross interference from other HRM users.Time of day 12/24 hour with dual time zone and daily alarms. Water resistant to 100m.Unique comfortable textile wearlink transmitter belt. User replaceable battery. Heart rate monitors should not be used by people with pacemakers.

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