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Polar A5 Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor
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Polar A5 Heart Rate Monitor
Ready to start training alone? This is the heart rate monitor for those who want to take on improving their fitness by themselves. The magic begins with the self walk test which predicts your fitness test in a simple easy to use function. For those watching their weight, this one has a an OwnCal Calorie Expenditure function which tells you how much you've burnt off while exercising and a body mass index to help you understand your ideal weight. Heart rate is monitored with visible and audible alerts for your target zones, aswell as informing you of your heart rate as a percentage of your maxuimum heart rate. It features a zone pointer to let you know how well you are doing and gives fitness bullets every five minutes. To monitor how you did afterwards you can recall information such as total exercise time, time in target zone, average heart rate of total training and a training info page. This is displayed on an especially large display with a backlight for use at night. It is water resistant to 30m a
This comprehensive heart rate monitor lets you know how many calories you have burnt and gives you your fitness in the convenient self walk test, aswell as the usual training features

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