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AEG HG956440SM

Gas Hob
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AEG HG956440SM
AEG HG956440SM 90cm Gas Hob in Stainless Steel
New flat design
Automatic integrated ignition
Easy to reach front controls
Middle rear: Semi-rapid pureflame burner
Front right: Ultra-rapid pureflame burner
Safety gas cut off using thermocouples
Rear left burner: Simmer 1kW burner
Easy clean ceramic surface
Rear left: Simmer pureflame burner
Rear right: Simmer pureflame burner
Middle front: Semi-rapid pureflame burner
Gas hob
Right front zone: Triple Crown Burner - 4000W/122mm
Cast iron pan supports
Middle rear zone: Semi Rapid Burner - 2000W/70mm
Left front zone: Rapid Burner - 3000W/100mm
Middle front zone: Semi Rapid Burner - 2000W/70mm
Right rear zone: Auxiliary Burner - 1000W/54mm
Rotary front controls on glass panel
Rear middle burner: Semi-rapid 2kW burner
Front middle burner: Semi-rapid 2kW burner
Front right burner: Triple crown 4kW burner
3 stylish cast iron pan supports
Front left: Rapid pureflame burner
Stylishly one-piece hob surface for easy cleaning
LPG conversion kit included
Dimensions: 80 x 894 x 510 mm (H x W x D)

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