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Draper 45543

2200 w Garden Vac Blower and Mulcher (Barcode EAN = 5010559455430).
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Draper 45543
Features:<br>   Powerful 2200W motor<br>   Variable air flow setting up to 260Km/h<br>   Convenient Vacuum to Blow control lever<br>   Adjustable front support handle<br>   Vacuum/blower tube with support wheel for easy manoeuvrability<br>   45L collection bag<br>Supplied complete with collection bag, shoulder strap, and a BS approved non rewireable plug and 10M (approx.) of cable.<BR><BR>Specification:<br>Speed (no load)   ...   14,500rpm<br>Air speed (blowing)   ...   300-320kp/h<br>Blow volume   ...   6m³/min<br>Extraction volume   ...   10m³/min<br>Mulching volume   ...   10:1<br>Collection bag capacity   ...   45L<br>Weight (machine only)   ...   5.3kg

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