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Amana DEF628FIRS

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Amana DEF628FIRS
Dimensions Height=178.0cm Depth=77.2cm Width=91.5cm
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years Cover included
A grade energy efficiency Saves electricity, saves you money Energy rating A - C (A being the best)
635 kWh/year energy consumption The lower the energy consumption the less electricity it uses.
15.83 cu.ft gross fridge capacity Maximum external fridge capacity
15.74 cu.ft net fridge capacity Internal storage capacity
9.7 cu.ft gross freezer capacity Maximum external freezer capacity
8.7 net freezer capacity Internal storage capacity
44 dB noise level The lower the value,the quieter the appliance
Frost free No build up of frost, so no need to defrost
Automatic fridge defrost Prevents build up of frost and water pools
5 safety glass shelves Flat, safe, easy clean surfaces
3 freezer drawers Number of pull-out drawers in the freezer
1 freezer shelf .
Full width salad crisper For keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.
Humidity controls for salad crispers humidity can be controlled in the salad crispers so that different foods can be effectivly stored in them
Built in anti-bacterial protection Gives extra protection between cleans
Bottle rack in door Storage space in the fridge door for all types of bottles.
Egg tray .
Dairy compartment Designed to hold butter or cheese separate from other foods.
Extra Deep Door Storage Holds up to 5 litre bottles/cartons
Adjustable door storage Change the racks to suit your needs.
Low temperature chiller compartment for meat/fish Can also be used for ready prepared chilled meals-all safely stored at the ideal temperature.
LED temperature display For instant reading of the internal temperature of either the fridge or freezer.
Interior fridge light Improves the visibility of the interior of a fridge.
Meat box Keep your meat fresh and separate from other foods for greater hygiene when you buy a refrigerator with a meat box.
Chilled water/Ice dispenser Gives you cold water and ice on tap.
Water dispenser (plumbed in) enables you to have chilled water straight from the fridge
13.4 freezing capacity Indicates how quickly it freezes fresh food
Fully clad stainless steel Stainless steel finish on the front and side of the fridge for a stylish design and easy cleaning.
Single compressor - not suitable for outbuildings Not suitable for use in outbuildings e.g. garages - see inst ructions for details.
Flat back for easier installation and cleaning No difficult to clean elements at the back and also the appliance can be pushed flat to a wall.
The fridge is larger than the freezer Ideal if you buy more fresh food than frozen
178 cm Height dimensions excluding doors Height of the fridge without the doors.
71.3 cm Depth dimensions excluding doors Depth of fridge without the doors.
91.5 cm Width dimensions excluding doors Width of the fridge without the doors.

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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