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World of Flight 6 Model Kit

build & fly 6 airplanes & learn the principles of aerodynamics
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World of Flight 6 Model Kit
The perfect gift for every flight lover!
Impressive assembly kit with 40 components to build and fly 6 different airplanes, each with specific features and individual flying performance, comprising: hand launched glider, catapult launched glider, rubber band powered propeller plane, hydroplane, stunt plane and boomerang wing.
By regulating the flight of each plane the pilot quickly learns the basic principles of aerodynamics.
Includes an exceptional Flight Manual, richly illustrated and written in 6 languages. Children and parents will read all about the fascinating history/principles of flight, how to catch thermal currents and more, and of course there are detailed instructions of how to build and fly all the planes!
Alternatively, you can just build great looking planes and see how far they can fly until they crash.

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