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LeapFrog Twist & Shout Division

Twist & Shout Division
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LeapFrog Twist & Shout Division
Teaches and quizzes division.
Division tables 1-12.
Musical beat makes maths fun!
4 game modes.
Keeps score!
7 years and up.
Volume control.
Headphone jack for quieter play.
Four interactive games:
Maths Master--Build your own equations! Hit the activator button to hear the equation and its answer! Learn your subtraction tables in easy sequence--one number at a time!
Quiz Mode--Quizzes you with equations and provides three multiple-choice solutions. Hit the activator button when you hear and see the correct answer. You've got it!
Super Solver--Challenge your problem-solving skills... hear an equation, turn the dial to the correct answer, and HIT IT!
Time Bender--Time is of the essence as you try to answer as many equations as possible in 90 seconds! Think fast!
Using the Twist and Shout Division is easy:
1. Turn the dial to choose a function.
2. Turn the dials to select your numbers.
3. Hit the activator button when you hear the correct answer.
4. Read the correct answer on the screen

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