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VTC Unix Shell Scripting Advanced Training

Unix Shell Scripting Advanced Training CD
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VTC Unix Shell Scripting Advanced Training
This Virtual Training Company tutorial is recommended
for the slightly advanced user who has a working knowledge
of basic UNIX Shell operation either from viewing VTC's
Unix Shell Scripting Fundamentals Tutorial or from another source.
This course describes how to create programs using the syntax and
features of the UNIX Shell, focusing on the most popular-- the Bourne
Shell. In this eight-hour tutorial, author Mark Virtue will demonstrate
techniques that will be compatible with all brands of UNIX, including
LINUX. If you need a thorough understanding Unix Shell Scripting,
Tutorials covered on this CD:
About this Course
Course Structure
What is the UNIX Shell?
Which Shell?
What is a Shell Script?
Your First Shell Script
A Basic Script
The echo Command
The read Command
Shell Basics Revisited
Special Characters
Chapter Exercises
Exercise Solutions
Running a Shell Script
Running a Script on the Command-line
Running a Script from within vi
Your PATH and bin
Script Interpreters
CGI Scripts
Shell Programming Features
Shell Variables
Environment Variables
The Trouble with Quotes
Grouping Commands
Line Control
Chapter Exercises
Exercise Solutions
Introducing the Course Project
Course Project Solution
Conditional Code
True and False
Conditional Command Execution
The if Statement
The else Clause
The elif Clause
Using test
The case Statement
Chapter Exercises
Exercise Solutions
The while Loop
break and continue
Numerical Calculations
The for Loop
Chapter Exercises
Exercise Solutions
Text Processing
About Filters
Regular Expressions
Chapter Exercises
Exercise Solutions
Program Structure
Defining and Calling a Function
Function Parameters
Function Return Values
Functions in Other Files
Case Study: The yesno Function
Chapter Exercises
Exercise Solutions
Command-line Parameters
Using Command-line Parameters
Using shift
Using set --
Using IFS
Usage Messages
Chapter Exercises
Exercise Solutions
Advanced Scripting
Default Values for Variables
Temporary Files
Preventing Abnormal Termination
Chapter Exercises
Exercise Solutions

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