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VTC Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Training CD
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VTC Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
Mirosoft's SQL Server 7 is the data management and analysis
solution for the agile business. It is the fastest way to deliver
enterprise database solutions for the Web. Allow Mike Haines
to explain the basic concepts of SQL Server 7 in this
Virtual Training Company tutorial. He guides you through
scripting tables and databases, creating schema diagrams,
and running queries. He uses working examples to
show you how to work with triggers, and much more.
Tutorials covered on this CD:
NT Integration andServices
Wizards and Help
Database Objects
Fixing Up the Column
Database Files/Options
Scripting a Table
Scripting a Database
Creating and Managing Tables
Table Design Intro
Defaults-What the User Sees
Creating a Child Table
Creating Schema Diagrams
Primary Key
Unique Constraint
Foreign Keys
Disabling Constraints
Many to Many
Invoice Detail Table
Query Analyser
Running Queries
Referring to Objects
Meta Data
Sys StoredProcedures
Information Schema Views
Views an Intro
Creating a View
Using a View in Access
With Encryption
Views and DML
Views and Security
Stored Procedures
Stored Procedures an Intro
Creating a Stored Procedure
Executing a Stored Procedure
Input Parametres and Security A
Input Parametres And Security B
Passing By Reference or Position
OutPut Parametres
In and Output Parametres
Using the RETURN Keyword
Error Messages
@@error Function
Data and Queries
Inner and Outer Joins
Tempory Tables
Nested twice
Triggers an Intro
Working Examples A
Working Examples B
Code Slices A
Cdoe Slice B
Code Slice C
Code Slice D
An Update Trigger
SQL and Visual Basic
Chapter Intro
Making a connection A
Making a Connection B
Populating a Control
Stored Procedure Calls A
Stored Procedure Calls B
Trusted Connections Via DSNs
Trapping Errors A
Trapping Errors B
Using Roles in VB

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