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VTC Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Training

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Training CD
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VTC Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Training
Microsoft FrontPage 2000 is a website creation and management
tool that enables you to create attractive websites. With FrontPage,
you can easily set up, monitor, and update sites. In Virtual Training
Company's tutorial, author Linda Young teaches you how to create a
professional looking website with ease. Beginners and experienced
users alike can benefit from her in-depth training. She starts out slowly,
allowing you to learn the building blocks of FrontPage, before taking to
the next level. You will learn how to add hyperlinks, how to
construct tables, site management, and much more.
Tutorials covered on this CD:
Introducing FrontPage
FrontPage Express
Web Publishing
System Requirements
Download Explorer
Install FrontPage
More Options
Getting Acquainted
Starting FrontPage
Understand Toolbars
Standard Toolbar
Formatting Toolbar
Views Bar
More Views
Add a Task
More Toolbars
Using the Editor
Configure Editor
Starting Out
Planning Your Site
Identifying Content
Creating a Page
Insert a Graphic
Save Your Work
Preview Your Work
Building Blocks
What's Next?
New Web
View Web
Home Page
New Pages
Import Site
Import File
Microsoft Office
Word Documents
Adding Hyperlinks
What Are They?
Open Web
Local Links
E-mail Links
Edit Bookmark
Link Bookmark
Graphic Hyperlinks
Modify Links
Verify Links
Navigation Features
Shared Borders
Build Structure
New Page
Customize Site
Set Properties
All About Lists
Bulleted List
Picture Bullets
All About Color
Using Themes
Add a Theme
Modify Theme
Add Background
Borders & Shading
Dynamic HTML
Add Multi-Media
How it Works
Banner Page
Create a Marquee
Scheduled Picture
Date Stamp
Import Web
All About Sound
Adding Sound
Inline Video
Add Video
Editing Images
Pack & Go
Insert PowerPoint
Resize Image
Customize Toolbars
Pictures Toolbar
Flip a Picture
Crop a Picture
Make Transparent
Create A Thumbnail
More Features
Constructing Tables
Learning About Tables
Inserting Tables
Table Menus
Drawing a Table
Add Contents
Parts Of a Table
Adding Rows
Merging Cells
Cell Properties
Convert Text
Adding Captions
Adding Frames
Working With Frames
Intro to Creating Frames
Creating Frames
Save the Frame
More Editing
Target Frames
Modify Templates
No Frames
Working With Forms
Using Forms
How They Work
Forms Wizard
More Wizard
Custom Forms
Save Forms
Some Options
Add Fields
Validate Information
Add Check Box
Other Fields
Search Forms
Using Templates
Finishing Up
Things To Do
Review Reports
Site Summary
All Files Report
Site Management
Friendly Tips
Going Live
What You'll Need
Choosing a Host
Publish to HTTP
Publish to FTP
Market Your Site
Why Market
Search Engines
Modify Tags
Submit Site
Multiple Site
Web Site Garage
Announce Your Site

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