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VTC Macromedia Flash 5.0 Training

Macromedia Flash 5.0 Training CD
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VTC Macromedia Flash 5.0 Training
Macromedia Flash 5 is the key to designing and delivering
low-bandwidth animations, presentations, and Web sites.
It offers scripting capabilities and server-side connectivity
for creating engaging applications, Web interfaces, and
training courses. Once you've created your content, 96%
of the online audience will be able to view it with the
Macromedia Flash Player. Virtual Training Company
author Rick Martin guides you step-by-step through
projects in order to show you how to set up a Flash
web site, to create a preloader, to create an interface
and content, and much more.
Introduction & Setup
Welcome & About This Course
Screen areas
Drawing Settings
Flash Basics
Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics
Symbols and Instances Using the Library
Graphics Interaction
Stacking Objects
Action Scripting
Previewing Your Movies
The Toolbox & Panels
Oval & Rectangle Tools
Line & Pencil Tools
Brush & Eraser Tools
Text Tool
Lasso Tool
Hand & Zoom Tools
Paint Bucket
Arrow Tool
Pen Tool
Subselect Tool
Panels Overview
The Timeline
Timeline Overview
Frames & Keyframes
Tweening Constraints
Motion Guides
Onion Skin
Frame Labels
Project Section 1 Set Up A Flash Web Site
Planning Your Site
New Movie & Movie Settings
Project Section 2 Create a Preloader
What Is a Preloader?
Creating Basic Shapes l
Creating Basic Shapes ll
Simple Animation Motion Tweening
Assembling the Elements Align and Distribute
Controlling the Elements Instance Names
Controlling the Elements ActionScript
Preloader Message Using Fonts in Flash
Project Section 3 Create an Interface
Setting up the Main Movie
Creating the Background
Modifying the Background
Animating the Background
Creating the Button Elements l
Creating the Content Panel l
Creating the Content Panel ll Shape Tweening
Customizing the Content Panel
Duplicating the Content Panel
Creating Buttons
Inserting the Buttons and Panel in the Interface
Interface Coordination and Animation
Activating the Buttons l
Activating the Buttons ll
Work Project
Project Section 4 Create The Content
Main Menu Button
Creating a Mask
Creating and Duplicating the Content Movie Clips
Creating Content Importing Text
Creating Content Editing Text & Importing Bitmap
Scrolling Window l
Scrolling Window ll
Creating Feedback Form Elements
Creating a Check Box
Radio Buttons l Creating
Radio Buttons ll Activating
Reset & Submit
Adding the Content to the Main Movie
Project Section 5 Add Sound
Sound In Flash Overview
Main Movie Background Music l
Main Movie Background Music ll
Sound Levels & Stereo Sound
Adding Sound to Buttons
Music On/Off Switch l
Music On/Off Switch ll
Music On/Off Switch lll Activating The Button
Project Section 6 Testing and Tweaking
Bandwidth Profiler
Preloader Adjustment l
Preloader Adjustment ll
Optimizing Sound & Bitmaps
Modifying the Background Grid
Project Section 7 Optimize & Publish Your Movie
Publishing Overview
Publish Flash
Publish HTML
Publish Image
Publish QuickTime
Export Movie & Export Image
Project Section 8 Create a Flash Banner
Setup & Sliding Intro
New Scene & Element Setup
Advanced Shape Tweening Shape Hints
Adding Color Effects
Fading Shape Tween
Adding Messages
Fading Messages
Drop Down Menu
Drop Down Button
Selection Buttons
Activating the buttons
Display Current Selection
Click Outside & Tidying Up

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