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VTC Macromedia Fireworks 2.0 Training

Macromedia Fireworks 2.0 Training CD
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VTC Macromedia Fireworks 2.0 Training
Fireworks 2 is a design application for screen graphics that
allows you to create graphics using both vector and bitmap
applications. In this Virtual Training Company tutorial,
Jason Smith is guide through Fireworks 2. Image editing, vectors,
exporting files, and setting up slices are among the many topics you can learn.
Tutorials covered on this CD:
What Can Fireworks Do?
Image Edit Mode
Image Editing
The Marquee
Changing a Selection
Lasso and Magic Wand
Types of Selection Edges
Rubber Stamp
Paint Bucket
Zoom and Pan
Transforming Selections
Layers, Part 1
Layers, Part 2
Layers, Part 3
Vector Mode
Basics of Vectors
Basic Shapes Part
Line Tool
Brush Tool
Redraw Tool
Pencil Tool
Point Editing
Knife Tool
Solid Fills
Vector Paint Bucket
Web Dither Fill
Gradient Fills
Vector Object Palette
Advanced Vectors
Pen Tool
Path Scrubbers
Freeform Tool
Reshape Area Tool
Groups & Masking
Combining Your Objects
Aligning Objects
Styles & Effects
Outer Bevel
Inner Bevel
Drop Shadow
Emboss and Context menu
Multiple Effects
Using Styles
Working with Text
Text Tool
Advanced Text
Text as Shapes
Optimizing & Exporting
GIF File Format
JPG File Format
PNG File Format
Exporting, Part 1
Exporting, Part 2
Exporting, Part 3
Exporting, Part 4
Matte Color
Other Export options
Animated GIFs
Drag and Drop Animation
Onion Skinning
Instances & Symbols
Instances and Frames
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Exporting Animated GIFs
Preview in Browser
Image Maps
What is an Image Map?
Exporting Image Maps
Testing Image Maps
Image Slicing
Why Do We Slice?
Slice Defaults
An Image to Slice
Setting Up Slices
Slice Export Settings
Previewing Slices
Advanced Slicing
Saving Your Slices
Simple Rollovers
Disjointed Rollover Setup
Normal and Over Frames
Swapping Images
Project-Wide Tools
Batch Processing
Find and replace, Part 1
Find and replace, Part 2
Find and replace, Part 3
URL Manager
Project Log
Working with Dreamweaver
Importing Files
Copy and Paste Types
Drag and Drop Types
Import Types
RTF Files

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