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VTC Final Cut Pro 2.0

Final Cut Pro 2.0 Training CD
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VTC Final Cut Pro 2.0
In Virtual Training Company's Final Cut Pro 2.0 Tutorial,
author David Bigelow thoroughly introduces this application
to beginners as well to users already familiar with digital nonlinear
editing. He takes the user step-by-step through the process of
capturing, editing, applying effects and titles, mixing audio, and
outputting to tape or file. This training also elaborates on what's
new compared to version 1.2.5: adding real time architecture,
easy setup, cutting station, FX Builder enhancement, and the
ability to export audio as an OMF file.
Tutorials covered on this CD:
Introduction to Final Cut Pro
Beginners: Welcome to Digital Nonlinear Editing
Pros: Final Cut Pro Described in your Terms
What's New in 2.0
Setting Up
Proper Memory and Display Configurations
Ram Allocation - Changing in Mac OS
Attaching DV Video Equipment
The General Tab
The User Mode Tab
The Timeline Options Tab
The Labels Tab
The Scratch Disks Tab
Choosing an initial Setup
Creating a New Easy Setup
Audio/Video Settings
Getting Media in to the System
Starting a New Project
Creating An Initial Bin
Creating Additional Bins
The Log and Capture Window
The Logging Tab
The Preferences Tab
The Capture Settings Tab
Capture Now Without Device Control
Capture Now With Device Control
Capturing Clips One at a Time
Logging Clips
Preparing For a Batch Capture
Batch Capture
Importing Animations or Video
Importing Stills and Graphics
Importing Audio Files
Importing Audio Files on Audio CDs
Managing Bins
Bin Viewing Options
Storyboard View
Moving Clips Between Bins
Using Column information
Creating Custom Column information
Sorting Bin Contents
Finding Content Within Bins
Viewing Clips
Loading a Video Clip into the Viewer
Loading an Audio Clip into the Viewer
Loading a Still Image into the Viewer
The Zoom Button
The View Button
Recent Clips List
Timecode Displays in the Viewer
Playing Clips in the Viewer
JKL Key Heaven
Timecode Navigation
Creating Subclips
Creating Clips
The Generators Pop-up
The Text Generator
The Lower Third Generator
What is a Sequence and How to Create One
Sequence Settings
Positioning Windows For Sequence Editing
Changing Sequence Presets
Basic Editing
3 Point Edit - An Overview
Set Split Edit On a Clip
Target the Sequence Tracks
Overwrite Editing
insert Editing
Overwrite/insert With Transition
Selecting Clips
Deleting Clips From the Timeline
Moving Clips Directly in the Timeline
Advanced editing
Replace Editing
Changing Clip Speed
Fit to Fill Editing
Backtimed Editing
MatchFrame Use - Restoring Tracks
Marking Clip Ranges in the Timeline
Replace Editing
Fit To Fill Editing
Superimpose Editing
Using the Trim Window
Linked Selections
Breaking Sync/Re-establishing Sync
The Tools Window
Rolling Edit Tool
Ripple Edit Tool
Slip Edit Tool
Slide Edit Tool
Razor Blade/Blade All Tool
Zoom in/Out Tool
Hand Tool
Scrub Video Tool
Crop Tool
Distort Tool
Adding Video Transition FX
intro to Rendering
The Render Quality Settings
Rendering a Selection
Rendering the Timeline
The Render Manager
Setting a Default Transition
Adding a Simple Dissolve
Adjusting Transition Lengths
Adjusting Transition Parameters
Creating Wipe Designs
Saving/Applying Transitions for Later Use
Adding Audio Transition FX
Cross Fades
Adding Video Filters
Adding a Filter to a Clip
Editing a Filter
Adding More Than One Filter
Adjusting Audio Levels
Waveform Use in the Timeline
Enabling Clip Overlays
Using the Audio VU Meters
Adding Audio Filters
Applying a Filter
Real Time Audio Settings
Saving Custom Audio Filters
Compositing Video
Adding Video Tracks
Layering of Video
Using Clip Overlays
Motion Tab and Scale FX
Using the Canvas for Motion/Scale FX
Advanced Effects
Keyframing: An Overview
Adding Keyframes: Motion Tab
Adding Keyframes: Filters
Creating Smooth Keyframes
Copying/Pasting Keyframe Settings Between Clips
Output to tape
The Print to Video Process
The Edit to Tape Process
Output to File: QuickTime
Exporting Video For Compression in Final Cut Pro
Exporting Video For Compression in Media Cleaner Pro or Other Program
OMF Export to ProTools

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