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VTC Bryce 5.0 Training

Bryce 5.0 Training CD (Barcode EAN = 9781930519879).
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VTC Bryce 5.0 Training
Whether you're a pro or a beginning artist, Bryce 5 is an easy
way to create, explore, and animate extraordinary imagery.
It's perfect for multimedia, video, and the Web. Author
Matt Neutra takes you from the basics through some of the
more advanced features in this 11.5 hour Virtual Training Company
Bryce Tutorial. He will show you all of the tools of the interface,
how to create objects, editing terrains and trees, and even
lighting and camera use.
Tutorials covered on this CD:
About this Training CD
What is Bryce 5?
What's New in Bryce 5?
Using Bryce Help
Bryce Terminology
Web Resources
Getting Started
System Requirements
Installing Bryce 5
Opening the application
Opening Bryce Documents
Creating New Bryce Documents
Setting Up the Bryce Window
Customizing the Interface (work area)
Quick Overview of the Work Area
How To Use Various Interface Elements
How To Work With a Bryce Scene
Place Objects
Move & Transform Objects
Delete Objects
Saving and Closing Bryce Documents
The Bryce Window
The Working Window
The Control Palette
The Create Palette
The Edit Palette
The Sky and Fog Palette
The Display Palette
The Animation Controls
The Selection Palette
The Materials Lab
The Sky Lab
The Pictures Window
The Deep Texture Editor
The Advanced Motion Lab
The Pre-Set Libraries
Pull Down Menus
Graphic Buttons
Tutorial 1 Basic Scene
Overview of Tutorial
Create a Terrain and Transform / Add Materials
Create a Volumetric Sky and Change Attributes
Add Some Objects to the Scene / Make a Model / Group it
Create Some Trees and Rocks
Adjust the Light in the Scene
Animate the Elements of the Scene
Render a Frame Then Render the Animation
Creating Objects
Overview of the Object Types Chapter Overview
Procedural v.s. Primative
How to Create Primative Objects
Object Placement
Selecting & Deselecting Objects
Creating and Using Families
Using the Selection Palette
Creating Boolean Objects
Using the Presets Library
Infinite Planes
Infinite Slabs
Symetrical Latices
Pict Objects & Working with Pictures
Geometric Paths
Importing Objects
Importing Objects
Editing Terrains
Creating a Terrain
Editing Terrains - How to Open the Terrain Editor
Overview of the Terrain Editor Interface
Using the Terrain Editor Tools
Using the Paint Brush
Filtering Terrains
Creation Models
Picture Terrains
Using Color and Clipping as a Visual Tool with Terrains
Saving Terrains
Exporting Terrains
Editing Trees
Opening the Tree Lab
Overview of the Tree Lab Interface
Min Max Sliders
Branch Trunk Settings
Tree Settings
Foliage Settings
Tree Memory Dots
Using Materials
The Structure of Materials
Surface Materials
Volume Materials
Material Components
The Pictures Editor
Shading Modes
Using Materials Presets
Materials Example
The Structure of Textures
Component Output
Texture Tips
Objects in 3d Space
3D Space Defined / Coordinate Systems
Transforming Objects
Object Heirachies
The Sky Lab
Sun and Moon Tab
Cloud Cover Tab
Atmosphere Tab
Overview of Lights
Placing Lights
Light Lab
Using Cameras
What is the Camera?
Camera Properties
Animating the Camera
What is Raytracing
Rendering a Scene
Setting Up a Render
Rendering Animations
Network Rendering
Batch Rendering
How to Speed Up Rendering
What is Animation?
Creating an Animation
Using the Animation Tools
Motion Paths
Animation Features
Efficient Animation Techniques
Tracking Objects
Using Heirachies to Create Complex Movement
What Can Be Animated?
Quicktime VR and Creating Panoramas
What Byce 5 looks Like on Other OS's
What Bryce Lightning Looks Like on the Client Computer
Web Links in Bryce
The Nano Preview Explained

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