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VTC Apple QuickTime 5.0 Pro Training

Apple QuickTime 5.0 Pro Training CD
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VTC Apple QuickTime 5.0 Pro Training
Quicktime 5 Pro is Apple's complete technological tool for
handling video, audio, animation, graphics, music, and mores.
In Virtual Training Company's 7-hour tutorial, author Matt Neutra
takes you through everything from quality video and audio play
back using the QuickTime Player to media authoring and editing.
He will show you how to modify visual data, how choose the
settings for delivery, and some quick tips for Quicktime.
Tutorials covered on this CD:
About This Training CD
Resources On This CD
What is QuickTime and About its History
Pro VS Standard and Checking Your Version
System Requirements
Installing QT
QT in Other OS's
QT in Other Programs
Intro to Tracks Structure
What's New in QT 5
Introducing the QT Player
Open and Interface
Embeded QT Player Intro
Movie VR Player Intro
Opening Movies and Other File Types
Converting to QT Format
Open and Use Internet Movies
Channels / Favorites - Add/Del/Organize
Basic Movie Info
Properties Window Intro
Setting QT Prefs
Changing Window Size
QT Pro Menu Overview
Using the QT Player
Play Pause and Stop
Goto Point in Time
Frame By Frame Playback
Fast Forward and Fast Reverse
Sound Controls - Vol/Bass/Treb/Bal
Present Movie and Different Movie Sizes
Loop and Pendulum Playback
All Frames Setting
Playing Multiple Movies W/ & W/O Sound
Video Settings and Frame Rate
Language Settings
Search Text Track
Using Chapter Lists
Using QT VR Player
Objects VS Panaoramas
Look around and Zoom In and Out
Present VR Movies
Move Around Object
Using Hot Spots
Embeded Player Controls
Embeded Player Frame by Frame Playback
Goto Point In Time
Playback Speed
Volume Change
Volume Overide
Chapter Lists
VR Hotspots
Move/Zoom and Pan In Panoramas and Objects (VR)
Editing Basics
What is Editing?
Open Multiple Movies
Create New Movie
Choose an Edit List
Different Methods for Selecting a Section of a Movie
Several Methods For Deselecting
Playing a Selection
Get Movie Info / Get Selection Info
Copy Cut and Paste Selection
Pasting Other Sources (Text/Graphics/Etc.)
Paste and Delete in a New Movie (Make Final Movie From Many Sources)
Replacing Sections
Drag and Drop
Edit Movie Info - Poster Frame/Preview/Set Autoplay
Saving Movies (File Dependancies)
Movie Tracks in QuickTime
What is a Movie Track?
Showing a Movie's Tracks
Add and Add Scaled Comands
Extract Tracks
Delete Tracks
Turn Tracks On and Off
Scale Track
Language Tracks and Alternate Tracks
Loading Tracks in Memory
Modifying Visual Data
What is Visual Information in QuickTime?
Transformations on Visual Data (Rotate/Scale/Move/Skew)
Side By Side and Picture in Picture
Color Transparency
Alpha Chanels
Visual Information in QTVR
Still From Movie / Multi Stills From Movie and FLC From Movie
Make Movie From Stills
Create a Skin For a Movie
Text Tracks
What is a Text Track?
Creating a Text Track
Set Text Appearance and Duration
Export Text Track
Sync Text Track
Chapter Lists
HREF Track Example
Video and MPEG Tracks
Intro to Compression
Checking Compression Methods
Use Stills to Make Video (Time Lapse Example)
Make Video From Other Sources
Add Stills to a Movie
Create MPEG Tracks From MPEG Files
Other Types of Tracks
Overview of Spritess (3D and Flash)
Sprite Example
3D Example
Flash Example
Adding Audio Tracks to a Movie
How to Add Sound to a Movie
Slide Show Example With Sound
Force Audio for Background Movies
Adjusting Sound Settings (Treble/Bass/Balace/Volume)
Using the Sound Settings Dialog Box
Check Sound Charactaristics
Convert Sound File to a Track
Pulling a Sound Track From a CD Track
Other Sound Coversion Options
Convert MIDI File to Quicktime and export to Audio
Play MIDI File with QT Sounds
Convert Back to MIDI
Choosing Settings for QT Delivery
Rate and Size of Movie
Saving Movies for Different Media
Export QT
Using Filters
Compression Settings
About Streaming - What is streaming?
Make HTTP Movies
Make RTSP Movies
Make Mixed Movies
Quicktime Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
AppleScript Show Installers and Tools

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