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VTC Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements Training CD (Barcode EAN = 9781930519602).
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VTC Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe's Photoshop Elements is perfect for the average
user and great for home and small business users.
Based on Photoshop, with many of the same image-editing tools,
Elements is user-friendly, especially since it includes
an online help guide. In Virtual Training Company's, Andrew Hathaway
guides you through the interface and the many tools, such as marquee,
airbrush, impressionist brush, and the clone tool. He then shows you
how to manage you images, like rotating it or changing the size.
He covers the use of layers and filters, as well.
Tutorials covered on this CD are:
Intro and Online Help
Interface Basics
File Menu Options
File Browser Palette
Image Window
Zoom / Hand Tools
Shortcuts Palette
Navigator Palette
Tools Palette
Marquee Tools
Lasso Tools
Magnetic Lasso
Magic Wand Tool
Crop Tool
Type Tool
Vector Based Shapes
Gradient Tools
Paint Bucket
Pencil Tool
Eraser / Magic Eraser
Impressionist Brush
Sharpen / Blur / Sponge / Smudge
Dodge and Burn
Clone Tool
Image Management
Image Size
Canvas Size
Image Modes
Image Adjustments
Levels / Brightness and Contrast
Backlighting / FillFlash
Color Cast / Hue and Saturation
Replace Color
Layer Basics
Layer Management
Transparency / Locking
Creating Layers
Transparency Selections
Clipping Group
Text Layer
Layer Styles
Bounding Box Transforms
Blending Modes
Fill Layers
Adjustment Layers
Merging and Flattening
Renaming Layers
Filter Browser
Gaussian Blur Filter
Unsharp Mask Filter
Other Filters
Liquify Filter
Other Important Stuff
Select Image Tools
Select Menu Options
Automate Feature
Saving Files
Save For Web
Web Animation

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