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VTC Adobe Photoshop 6.0

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers Training CD (Barcode EAN = 9781930519954).
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VTC Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Virtual Training Company's Photoshop 6 for Photographers tutorial,
instructed by professional photographer Andrew Hathaway,
is aimed at those who have a basic knowledge of and some experience
with Photoshop 6 and a general understanding of photography.
This tutorial builds on the lessons taught in VTC's Photoshop 6 tutorial
and focuses on using Photoshop as a darkroom tool and a tool for
digital imaging and design work. Some of the powerful techniques taught
by Andrew Hathaway include color balance and other image adjustments,
cloning, locking layers, watermarking, Gaussian blur, and much more.
Tutorials covered on this CD are:
Three Stages of Imaging
Imaging System
Best Practices
Wacom Tablet
Menus and Palettes
Options Palette
Multiple Undos
Selection Tools
Zoom and Hand Tool
Crop Tool
Crop To Hide
Magic Wand Tool
Clone Tool
History Brush
Pencil and Paintbrush
Dodge Burn and Sponge Tools
Eyedropper Tool
Paint Bucket and Gradient
Sharpen Blur and Smudge tool
Mover Tool
Understanding Photoshop
Copying and Pasting
Resolution 1
Image Size
Bit Depth
Color Modes
Bitmap Mode
Masks and Selections
Moving Selections
Save Selection
Selections and Channels
Mask Exercise
Mask Indicator Color
Quick Mask
Paths and Selections
Image Adjustments
Avoid Auto Levels
Levels and Scans
Levels Eyedropper Tools
Saving Levels Adjustments
Output Levels
Color Balance
Isolating Curves
Posterize Curves
Replace Color
Selective Color
Hue Saturation
Hue Sat Colorize
Invert Equalize and Threshold
Converting To Grayscale
Channel Mixer
Basic Cloning
Cloning on Layers
Creative Cloning
Cloning Dust
Cloning Another Document
Cloning Scratches
Aesthetic Cloning
Layer Basics
Copying Layers
Locking Layers
Layer Mask
Deleting Layer Masks
Layer Techniques
Layer Mask Blurry Background
Depth of Field Effect
Compositing With Masks
Blending Modes
Oval Border
Adding a Shadow
Hand Tinting
Adjustment Layer
Dodging and Burning
Custom Glows
Layer Effects
Line Effects
Registered Scan Layers
Retouch Case Study 1
Retouch Case Study 2
Retouch Case Study 3
Color Sky Gradation
Multifaceted Filter Effect
Clipping Group
Blending Sliders
Unsharp Mask
Gaussian Blur
Add Noise
Lighting Effects
Lighting Effects
Layers and Filters
Color Settings
ICC Color Management
File Info
Extensis Portfolio

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