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VTC Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Advanced Techniques

Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Advanced Techniques Training CD (Barcode EAN = 9781889347516).
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VTC Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Advanced Techniques
Virtual Training Company's Adobe Photoshop 6 Advanced
Techniques tutorial is aimed specifically at those with basic
knowledge and previous experience in Photoshop 6,
especially those who have viewed VTC's Photoshop 6 tutorial.
Rick Martin jumps straight into guiding you through creating
10 photoshop projects from the ground up. These projects will
help you with more complicated skills, such as beveled text and
overlaying gradients, that can be used in projects that meet your own needs.
Tutorials covered on this CD are:
Introduction and Overview of Course
Wax Seal
Overview & Setup of Seal
Outer Wax Pt1
Outer Wax Pt2
Inner Circle
Beveled Text and Finishing
Stone Calculator
Overview & Setup of Calculator
Stone Texture Pt1
Stone Texture Pt2
Main Body Shape
Main Body Contour
Digital Display
Buttons Pt1
Buttons Pt2
Numbers and Finishing
Overview & Setup of Eyeball
Iris (1)
Iris (2)
Iris (3)
Outer Highlight and Main Eyeball
Iris Shadow
Iris Highlight
Eyeball Shadow
Blood Vessels
Tweaking and Modifying
Overview & Setup of Meteor
Surface Texture (1)
Surface Texture (2)
Surface Texture (3)
Flame Trail
Tweaking and Finishing
Glass and Plastic Shapes
Overview & Setup of Shapes
Basic Button Shape
Lower Highlight
Upper Highlight
Text and Tweaking
Sphere (1)
Sphere (2)
Irregular Shapes (1)
Irregular Shapes (2)
Metal and Glass Web Interface
Overview & Setup of Interface
Metal Holder
Metal Holder Bevels
End Caps
End Cap Bevels
End Cap Indents
Button Duplication
Metal Support Bar
Slicing and Exporting
HTML Optimization
Web Navigation Panels
Overview & Setup of Navigation Panels
Panel Shape and Indents
Text and Resizing
Dim Jewel
Slicing and Export (1)
Slicing and Export (2)
HTML Layout
Metal and Rust
Overview & Setup of Metal & Rust
Rust Texture
Rusty Panel
Brushed Metal
Patchy Rust Transparency Pattern
Patchy Rust
Rusty Text
Animated Web Banner
Overview & Setup of Banner
Snowfall Pattern
Animation and Export
Bottle Label
Overview & Setup of Label
Basic Label
Spherize and Resize
Shear For Perspective
Fine Tuning and Gradient Overlay

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