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VTC Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for Photographers Training

Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for Photographers Training CD (Barcode EAN = 9781889347844).
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VTC Adobe Photoshop 5.0 for Photographers Training
Virtual Training Company's Adobe Photoshop for Photographers
is wonderful companion to VTC's Photoshop 5 tutorial for those
who want to use Photoshop as a tool for producing better photos.
Barrie Thomas teaches this tutorial specifically for photographers.
He begins with color and adjustments, including tonal control and
color balance. He then moves onto manipulative techniques and finishes
with the more creative aspects useful in Photoshop,
like embossing and grain effects.
Tutorials covered on this CD are:
Preparing the Work Area
Screen Resolution
Bits and Color Depth
Preferences - General
Brush Size & Units
Plug-ins & Scratch Disks
Memory & Image Cache
Screen Area & Palettes
Resizing & Reshaping
Crop & Rotate
Undo Crop/Fixed Size Crop
Transform Whole Image
Transform Part of Image
Distortion & Perspective
Tonal Control
Brightness and Contrast
Auto Levels
Curves - Introduction
Curves - Contrast Control
Local Dodging & Burning
Color Control
Color Balance
Adjustment Layers (1)
Adjustment Layers (2)
Changing Colors
Customize Brushes
Brushes Example
Brush Blending (1)
Brush Blending (2)
Hue & Saturation
Selective Color
Color Range
Color Range Example
Replace Color
Replace Color Example
Understanding Layers
Layer Basics
Layer Controls (1)
Layer Controls (2)
Link & Align Layers
Managing Layers (1)
Managing Layers (2)
Clipping Groups
Layer Masks
Layer Mask Example
Isolating Areas
Selection Overview
Selection Options
Lasso Tool
Polygonal Lasso
Magnetic Lasso
Save Selections
Magic Wand
Magic Wand Example
Channel Selections
Photo Repairs
Local Repair
Repair Example
Dealing with Edges
Recovery Methods
History Palette
History Brush
Controlling Focus
Blur Filters
Sharpen Filters
Focus Example
Drag and Clone
By Layer Mask
Clipboard & Paste Into
Hiding the Join
Using Gradients
Multi Layer Mix
Toning and Tinting
Balance & HSB
Hand Tinting
Brush Tinting
Tinting a Color Original
Posterize Filter
Color Table
Using Curves
Gradient Color
Line Effects
Mono Conversion
Find Edges Filter
Neon Effects
Multi Key-Line
Inner Key-Line
Soft Borders
Special Effects
Grain Effects
More Grain Effects
Movement (1)
Movement (2
Speed Effects
....and so to Snow

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