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VTC Adobe GoLive 5.0 Training

Adobe GoLive 5.0 Training CD (Barcode EAN = 9781930519527).
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VTC Adobe GoLive 5.0 Training
Adobe GoLive 5.0 software gives you industrial-strength
design, production, and management features so you can
create professional, dynamic, database-driven Web sites.
Tightly integrated with other Adobe products such as
Photoshop, Illustrator, and LiveMotion, Adobe GoLive
software protects your code from modification and
corruption while offering industry-leading site layout and
management functionality. Author Steve Adler, a
Certified Adobe Expert, takes you through all these
wonderful GoLive 5.0 features in this ten hour
Virtual Training Company tutorial. Among the topics
he will teach you are the layout grid, site management,
floating boxes, site design, and publishing.
Tutorials covered on this CD are:
Getting Started
The Document Window
The Toolbar
The Inspector
The Site Window
Window Palettes
Menu Shortcuts
Using Contextual Menus
Setting Browser Preview
Setting Plug-ins
GoLive Help
Adobe OnLine
Anatomy of a Page
HEAD Section
Set Document Width
Page Preview
View Controller
Using the History Window
Site Basics
Creating a New Blank Site
Importing a Site from a Folder
Importing a Site from an FTP Server
Creating a Site from a Site Template
Adding Files to the Site
Organizing the Site Files
Creating and Deleting Pages and Folders
The Site Window
Working With Text
Bringing Text Into a Page
Paragraph Formatting
Coloring Text
Stylizing Text
Font Set Editor
Text Links
Text Link Anchors
Spell Checking
Working with Images
Image Basics
Adding Images to a Page
Resizing an Image
Working with images on a page
Adding Images to a site
Aligning Text and Images
Adding Background Images
Image Links
Image Maps
Creating a table
Adjusting Table Attributes
Combining Text And Tables
Formatting Text and Tables
Cell Space and Padding
Adding Color
Row and Cell Alignment
Table, Row and Cell selection
Table Captions
Text Wrap in Tables
Adding, Deleting and Spanning cells
Table Palette
Importing Text into Tables
Sorting Table Contents
Table Styles
Working with Nested Tables
Using Slices in Tables
The Layout Grid
Working with the Layout Grid
Adding Objects to the Grid
Aligning Objects in a grid
The Align Palette
Optimizing the Grid
Site Management
Updating Site Tabs
Removing Unused Site Objects
Setting Up Site Preferences
Cleaning Up a Site
Creating Thumbnails
Absolute and Relative Links
Assigning Page Status Labels
Creating Collections
Using Site Templates
Creating Site Templates
Adding Favorites and E-Mail Address Books
Adding Site Resources
Creating URLs and E-Mail Resources from Scratch
Creating Site Font Sets
Using the Site Custom Tab
Editing Site-Wide Links
Spell Checking
URL Filters
Site Reports and Statistics
Components, Stationeries, Custom Snippets and the Custom Tab
About Site Extras
Making Stationery
Making Components
Using the Custom Tab
Replacing a Site Component
About Frames
Building a Frame Set
Adding Content to Frames
Fine tuning a Frame Set
Linking Frames I
Linking Frames II
About Forms
Building a form
Adding Text and Labels to Forms
Aligning and Linking Forms and Fields
Creating a Pop-Up Field
Creating Radio Buttons
Adding Submit and Reset Buttons
Saving a Form to the Custom Tab
Floating Boxes
About Floating Boxes
Adding and Adjusting Floating Boxes
Adding Text and Graphics to Floating Boxes
Managing Static Floating Boxes
Centering a Floating Box on a Web Page
Converting Floating Boxes to a Layout Grid
GoLive Actions
About Actions
Adding Actions
Smart Rollover Action
Set Image URL Action
URL Pop-Up Action
Open Window Action
Browser Switch Action
Working with the GoLive Script Library I
Working with the GoLive Script library II
Adding Custom JavaScript Libraries
DHTML Animations
About the Timeline Editor
Creating a Simple Animation
Multiple Box Stacking
Working with Multiple Boxes
Setting Multiple Box Visibility
Setting a Precise DHTML Path
Varying Box Depth During an Animation
Adding Actions
Creating Scenes
Controlling Scenes
Smart Objects
About Smart Objects
Using PhotoShop Smart Objects
Using Illustrator Smart Objects
Using LiveMotion Smart Objects
Using Save For Web Feature
Importing PhotoShop Layers
Importing Sliced PhotoShop Files
Using Tracing Images
Cascading Style Sheets
About Style Sheets
Creating Tag Styles
Creating Class Styles
Creating ID Tag Styles
Netscape CSS Fix
Linking Files to External Style Sheets
Site Design
About Designs
Building a Design Pages I
Building Design Pages II
Annotating a Design
Working with Pages in a Design
Viewing the Design Workspace
Viewing Design Links
Linking Pages in a Design
Checking your Design
Submitting and recalling a design
Adding Pending Links
About Views
Peripheral Panes
Moving Pages
Displaying Partial Trees
Spotlighting Groups
Changing Display Views
Filtering Views
Viewing In and Out Links
About Publishing Web Sites
Working with Orphan Files
Working with Empty references
Working with Missing Files
Checking Links
Connecting to the Web Server
Using the FTP Browser
About Uploads
Synchronizing Local and Remote Site Files
Exporting Sites
Cleaning up sites
About WebDAV and Dynamic Link
Searching Sites and Files
About Searching
Search a page
Find and Replace Within a Page
Search Source Code
Find In Site I
Find in Site II
Using Change Reference
Working with Source Code
About source Code
Using the Source Code Palette
About the Element Finder
using the Element Finder
About the Outline Editor
Setting Source Preferences
Using Multimedia
Setting Plug-ins
Embedding Real Networks Media
Embedding Scalable Vector Graphics
Embedding Shockwave Flash Files
Embedding Generic Media
Embedding QuickTime Media
Intro to the QT Timeline
Creating a QT Slide Show
Transition Sample Tracks
Creating HREF Tracks

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