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VTC Adobe After Effects 4.0 Training

Adobe After Effects 4.0 Training CD (Barcode EAN = 9781889347950).
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VTC Adobe After Effects 4.0 Training
Introduction to Adobe AfterEffects
What is AAE
Creative freedom
Applications of AAE
What's new in AfterEffects 4
Primary upgrades; getting started
Importing into the project window
More importing; applying multiple masks
Other importing methods
New effects options
Illustrator rasterization
Drawbacks of Illustrator rasterization
Audio effects options
Audio effects continued
Adjustment layers
The basics
Primary windows and palettes
Importing file footage
Loading into the composition window
Scaling and repositioning layers
Animating material
Previewing motion
Rendering a composition
Windows and palettes
Introduction - project, composition and time layout window settings
Project window
Importing into the project window, part I
Importing into the project window, part II
Importing into the project window, part III
Organizing your project window
Project window in-depth, part I
Project window in-depth, part II
Creating compositions within project window
Composition window
Title and action safe zones
Current time indicator examined
Take snapshot, show last snapshot and channel displays
Time layout window
Mock composition
Current time display
Audio/video features panel
Layer outline
Switches panel
Quality adjustment column and hiding layers
Time graph
Composition family button
Optional panels
Viewing area markers
Work area markers
Current time marker
Time ruler and window menu
Composition time marker
Toolbox window
Time control palette
Importing introduction
Importing files continued
Importing files continued
Importing Photoshop sequence
Importing Photoshop layers
Interpreting footage options
Interpreting footage continued
Illustrator; EPS files; effects
Some artistic play
Working with layers
Importing material
Composition window
Scaling, sizing and positioning layers
Basic animation
Introduction to layers and keyframes
Adjusting keyframes and previewing motion
Scaling and previewing
Adjusting anchor path
Tweaking motion paths
Adjusting motion
Adjustment layer
Brightness and sharpness
Internal titling/text
Working with an Illustrator file
Adding a solid color layer
Nesting of compositions and layer masking
Importing files
Keying, scaling, and effects with layers
Positioning layers, part I
Positioning layers, part II
Beveling, alphas, and scaling
Time layout
Motion sketching
Motion with trails
Keyframes and nesting compositions
Alpha channel
Time layout
Composition nesting
Multiple masks per layer
Positioning product
Applying motion
Layer mask
Examining material
Importing material and loading
Isolating layers, blur and drop shadow
Color and beveling alpha channel tricks
Copying/pasting keyframes, part I
Copying/pasting keyframes, part II
Stylize filter
Animating layers
Playing material back
Rendering with audio
Video effects introduction
Work area setup
Importing and placing material
Using layers and creating effects
Text effects and cropping
Effect controls palette
Copying and pasting keyframes
Visual filter and drop shadow
Positioning text for animation
Applying animation; time layout window layers
Previewing animation and transitions
Rendering overview; scaling and tweaking layers
Transition placement
Applying transition effects
Wiping in and wiping out
Tweaking motion paths
More motion paths
Applying 3D to layers
Drop shadow techniques
Working with audio
Bass, treble and delay
Synching video with audio
Preparing audio for output
Introduction to rendering
Rendering checklist before rendering
Checklist continued
Checking resolution and effects settings
Object background vs. alpha channel background.
Rendering queue examined
Examining render settings
Render output module settings
Codec compression options
Audio adjustment; examining rendering process
Render completion
Movie playback of movie

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