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VTC Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Training

Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Training CD (Barcode EAN = 9781889347998).
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VTC Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Training
Adobe Acrobat 4 is used primarily for the creation of pdf files
for CD and on the web. If you want to create a file (or scanned material)
for others who don't have your application or fonts, then Acrobat is
used to create the PDF file (Portable Document Format).
Using Acrobat Reader (a free application), anyone can view
your document just the way you created it. In this Virtual Training Company
tutorial, Dave Cross guides you through the basics of Acrobat 4
and creating PDF files, then slides into more complicated topics,
such as adding interactive links and digital signatures.
Tutorials covered on this CD are:
Key Concepts
Reader vs Distiller
Acrobat and PDF Files
Acrobat Reader
Navigating - Changing Views
Navigating - Working with Pages
Navigating in Reader 4.0
Using Full Screen View
Opening Files
Setting Preferences
Reader as a Browser Plug-in
Configuring the Reader as a Browser Plug-in
Document Info
Checking Font Usage
Copying & Pasting from Reader to other applications
Comparing Reader 3.01 with 4.0
Creating PDF files
PDF Writer vs Distiller (Overview)
PDF Maker in Microsoft Office
Print to PDF
Drag and Drop in Macintosh
PDF from Illustrator
PDF from PageMaker
Web Capture
Paper Capture
Configuring your scanner software for Capture
Using Distiller
Preferences and Settings
Watched Folders
Overview of Job Options
Job Options - Screen Optimized
Job Options - Print Optimized
Job Options - Press Optimized
Advantages of using Press Optimized
Customizing Job Options
Font Issues
Font Issues - Subset Fonts
Acrobat Overview
Navigating through pages
Navigation Pane
Changing document views
Changing magnification of pages
Using Thumbnails to navigate
Acrobat Preferences
Tools, Menus and Command Bar
File menu
Edit menu
Document menu
Tools menu
View menu
Window menu
Overview of the Tools
Working in Acrobat
Copying text and graphics
Cropping pages
Editing text and graphics
Bookmarks and Thumbnails
Working with Pages
Compare pages between documents
Digital Signatures
Overview of Annotations
Adding your own stamps
Using the drawing annotation tools
Using the text annotation tools
Summarizing Annotations
Adding Interactivity
Adding movies
Creating interactive movies
Overview of Links
Link actions - menus and movies
Link actions - working with files
Link actions - read articles
Link actions - web links
Link actions - destinations
Overview of Forms
Text fields
Combo and List Boxes
Check boxes and Radio buttons
Creating buttons
Buttons for multimedia
Calculating fields
Simple use of JavaScript
Editing forms
Submit and Reset buttons
Final Thoughts
Finishing your document - setting options, saving and security features
Overview of Catalogue
Using Help files

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