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The Times Key Stage 3 Maths

Key Stage 3 Maths
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The Times Key Stage 3 Maths
The Times Key Stage 3 education Series is designed by a panel of UK education experts and award-winning teachers to give your children a head start with their education. With these brilliantly designed multimedia CD ROM sets, your children will enjoy themselves so much that they will be learning before they know it.
Each multiple CD ROM set has a Parent`s Area where you can keep track of your child`s progress and learn how to get the most out of this truly amazing educational suite.
Measures- lessons with realistic 3D animations, video footage and exciting activites.
Properties of Position - a host of exciting games and quizzes to teach the most difficult topics. Measures - teaches all about Compound Measures through stunning interactiveanimations.
This 3 CD-ROM set contains everything that your child needs to grasp the important aspects of maths at this level. Covering the core components of the Key Stage 3 Maths syllabus these CD ROMs are so much fun that students will keep coming back for more.
CD ROM 1 - Measures - Includes: units, errors in measurement, compound measures, perimeter, area and volume.
CD ROM 2 - Properties of Shape - Includes: 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry, angles, polygons and Pythagoras` Theorem.
CD ROM 3 - Properties of Position, Movement and Transformation - Includes: co-ordinates, scale, loci, location and bearings.

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