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The Times Key Stage 2 Maths English & Science

Key Stage 2 Maths, English & Science Triple Pack
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The Times Key Stage 2 Maths English & Science
Key Stage 2 English
An intruder has entered the home of Lord and Lady Uppercase. Can you catch the criminal? Attempt the activities in each room, collecting clues as you move about. You can try to identify the villain at any point. To take a break from collecting clues, visit the games room or try a spelling test in the study. You may wish to gain a clue by entering the library and arranging the books in alphabetical order or if you are good at spotting words, you could do a word search in the dining room.
Key Stage 2 Maths
Embark on a journey that will take you to Swallow Farm – a fun park where there is much to see and do! The program is full of cleverly designed mathematical challenges, which are divided into three difficulty levels, corresponding to levels 3 – 5 of the National Curriculum for Key Stage Two Maths. Help yourself to sweeties in the sweetshop, keeping track of the total amount you have spent. Test your time keeping skills at the train station. Design your own park keeping in mind that you have a limited budget and space on which to build.
Topics covered include: Arithmetic, Money, Time, Data Handling, Identifying Shapes, Estimating and Measuring, Area and Perimeter, Location and Direction.
Key Stage 2 Science
With nine domes to explore, you will have plenty to do when you visit Domeworld! Label the parts of a plant in the Plant Dome, reassemble a skeleton in the Body Dome or take a nutrition lesson in the café. Stop by the planetarium – if you’ve collected enough pieces for the access code, you can blast off to the moon!
Topics covered include: Food Chains, Identifying animals and insects, Habitats and camouflage, Electrical circuits, Nutrition and health, Plants, The Body, Earth, Moon and Sun, Reflections and Shadows, Liquids and Solids.

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