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The Times GCSE History

GCSE History
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The Times GCSE History
Contains comprehensive teaching material to cover the National Curriculum Syllabus. Stimulates learning through interactive exercises. Provides sample examination questions with model solutions. Covers all U.K. examination board syllabuses. Supports class room teaching. Useful for self-tuition and revision. Authored by practising teachers. Caters for all levels of ability. Fully narrated with accompanying music (both narration and music can be turned on or off). Supported by technical help phone lines.
Contains a full course content index.
The First World War
The Russian Revolution
The Treaty of Versailles
Wall Street Crash, Depression, New Deal
The Rise of Hitler
The Soviet Union Under Stalin
Life In Hitler`s Germany
The Second World War
The Cold War
Indian Independance
Arab-Israeli Relations
The Cuban Missile Crisis
Civil Rights

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