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The Times A Level Mechanics

A Level Mechanics - Educational Software
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The Times A Level Mechanics
The Times Edutcation Series Advanced Level Mechanics is suitable for any student who is serious about studying and who wants to achieve the best grade possible. The program`s clear, patient and structured delivery will aid understanding and assist the stu dent in developing a confident approach to answering Advanced level questions.
No CD-ROM can do the work for you but this CD will aid in making the learning process more manageable. Authored by practising Maths teachers and University lectures, this CD -ROM is applicable to all United Kingdom Examination Boards.
Help build confidence that is vital for success.
Kinematics, Dynamics, Work and Energy, Momentum, Projectiles, Circular Motion, Friction, Co-Planar Concurrent Forces, Equilibrium, 3-Force Problems, Moments, Simple Harmonic Motion.

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