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GSP Everyday French Deluxe Edition

Everyday French Deluxe Edition (2 CDs & AA Essential Phrase Book)
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GSP Everyday French Deluxe Edition
Ideal for beginners, refreshers and experienced French speakers! Suitable for holidays, business travellers and language students!
Role-playing options in all the videos let you practise your speech!
Listen to native French speakers pronunciating thousands of different phrases and hear them work in context!
To make sure you never loose your way, you can choose to view whole scripts for each video in French, English or both!
You can record and then play back your own voice!
Unique voice recognition technology will actually mark your pronunciation against that of a native French speaker!
A reliable in-built dictionary is always only a click away, so you can check the meaning of thousands of words as you progress!
Watch as sentences are simply and cleverly broken down!

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