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Focus Multimedia Teaching-you MS Windows

Teaching-you MS Windows 2000 / Me / 98 / 95
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Focus Multimedia Teaching-you MS Windows
Teaching-you Microsoft Windows 2000, Me, 98 & 95 provides a simple, easy and fast way to learn these four Microsoft operating systems. Presented with conceptual information describing specific tasks this CD-ROM allows you to work through the various stages of master Microsoft Windows 2000, Me, 98 & 95 at your own pace. Step by step, clear and concise instructions take you through the interactive tutorials, covering areas such as creating folders, working with an open window, using the recycle bin, using Internet Explorer, plus much, much more!
Introduction to Personal Computers
Desktop, Keyboard and Mouse
The Taskbar and the Start Menu
Working with an Open Window
Using Help
My Computer and Network Neighbourhood
The Search Features
Introduction to the Windows Explorer
Using Internet Explorer
An Introduction to the Windows Hierarchy
Working with Shortcuts
Creating Folders
Using the Recycle Bin
Copying and Moving Objects
Using Web Style for the Desktop and Folders
Step-by-step, clear and concise instructions guide you through the various stages at your own pace, building your confidence and helping you achieve your objectives.
NB: Tutorials may vary depending on the operating system that you are learning

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