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Eurotalk Advanced French

Advanced French - Au Coeur de la Loi DVD (Barcode EAN = 0023272997526). (Barcode EAN = 5024866323290). (Barcode EAN = 5060142510633). (Barcode EAN = 5030930031817). (Ba (Barcode EAN = 5060172310982).
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Eurotalk Advanced French
Advanced French is an inovation in language learning which gives you the starring role
Thanks to cutting edge technology you can take part in the popular french
series Au Coeur De La Loi and learn French as if it's real
Become characters, choose your favorite scene and re-record it giving yourself the best lines
Play a virtual reality game show against an onscreen competitor
Enjoy all the action, thrills and suspense of one of France's best

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