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Europress GCSE Physics Tuition

GCSE Physics Tuition
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Europress GCSE Physics Tuition
More than a revision guide, this is the first CD-ROM to feature Learning and Revision, making it your complete guide to exam success!
Interactive tutorials cover the entire GCSE Physics curriculum
Use as a comprehensive tool for the whole GCSE course, not just examinatin preparation.
An understanding of physical laws and how these can be applied to the modern world are explained through high quality graphis, animations and soun.
Over 150 topics covered in depth including:
Electricity and Magnetism (charge, current, electrolysis, electromagnetism)
Waves, Forces and Motion (speed & velocity, acceleration, sound waves, seismic waves)
Energy, Radioactivity and The Universe (energy resources, thermal energy transfer)
Use the virtual circuit board and Geiger counter to perform `experiments`.
Practise questions in each section as the course is followed.
Comprehensive revision section with mock examination questions featuring detailed feedback to highlight areas of weakness.
Print out exam style papers to use in `simulated` exam conditions.
Test knowledge with a unique quick-fire quiz.

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