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Europress GCSE Maths Revision/Tests

GCSE Maths Revision/Tests
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Europress GCSE Maths Revision/Tests
More than a revision guide, this is the first CD-Rom to feature both Learning and revision, making it your complete guide to exam success! Learn Interactive tutorials covering the entire GCSE Maths curriculm. Use as a comprehsive tool for the whole GCSE course, not just examination preparation. Almost 200 topics are covered in depth and include; Number (Common factors, prime numbers, decimals, fractions).
Algebra (number sequences, arithmetic progression, factorising, formulae) Shape, Space and Meaure (regular and irregular polygons, rotatiion and point symmetry, measuring volumes) Handling Data (grouped distribution, bias, histograms, cumulative freguency curves). Practise questions in each section as the course is followed . Equation editor for use in the Algebra section. Comprehensive revision section with mock examination questions featuring detailed feedback to highlight areas of weakness. Print out exam style papers to use in simulated examination conditions. Test knowledge with a unique quick-firequiz.

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