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Dorling Learning is Fun Pack Primary

Learning is Fun Pack Primary (Learning Ladder Ages 9-10, English SATs Age 11, I Love Maths)
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Dorling Learning is Fun Pack Primary
Learning Ladder Ages 9-10
Devised to develop children's skills in literacy and numeracy, learning ladder forms a complete learning system for your child. This disk covers the vital school subjects of English, Maths and introduces basic scientific concepts in a fun 3D environment. Woody the pencil encourages and motivates children through the interactive lessons and tests.
English SATs Age 11
Written by a team of Primary School teachers, this program covers all areas of the English Curriculum Key Stage 2.Test for success English is an interactive learning tool that helps focus revision and ensures success in school tests. Packed with interactive questions and tutorials, the program supports and extends schoolwork, including grammar, comprehension and spelling exercises. The program also provides a personal study guide to suit your child's needs, targeting areas of weakness. Hosted by popular DK character Seemore Skinless it's bound to keep your child entertained while they're learning.
I Love Maths!
I Love Maths is a spectacular animated time-travel adventure. Designed for kids aged 7 - 11 years, no matter what their level of maths comprehension, this CD-ROM will reinforce skills in key curriculum areas while increasing their understanding of concepts such as fractions, geometry and measurements.

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