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BVG Word 2002/XP Advanced

Word 2002/XP Advanced & Real Life Examples
BVG Word 2002/XP Advanced
You'll like what BVG CD-ROM training offers. For one reason -the lessons are interesting! Packed with audio and video clips the helpful presenter takes you through the course topic-by-topic. The program allows you to move forward, or backward to review a particular section, or simply jump to a specific topic that you need help with.
You'll learn in a simulated software environment -there is no need to have the specific software you are learning about loaded on your computer. Plus you can practice with 100%interactivity in the real software environment using the sample files from the course. When you are ready to check your progress, you can rest assured you've learned what matters for productivity because the knowledge reviews focus on key concepts for performance in the real world.

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