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BVG PowerPoint 2000/XP

PowerPoint 2000/XP Beginner & Advanced
BVG PowerPoint 2000/XP
Beginners: PowerPoint window, Using different views and panes, Using the Task Pane
Using the AutoContent Wizard, Editing AutoContent, Saving and closing a presentation
Opening presentations, Entering content, Adding and Deleting slides, Inserting a new slide
Rearranging slides, Create a new presentation from existing slides, Find and Replace
Check Spelling, Email a presentation, Print a slideshow, Make transparencies and more...
Advanced: Adjusting border lines of an image, Compressing an image, Recolouring an image
Set a transparent image colour, Reset an image to its original settings, Delete an image
Animate an image, Changing the slide colour scheme, Defaults for AutoShapes
Save the master slide as a template, Use the new template, Draw a text box
AutoShape text boxes, Format Painter, Adding a chart, Update/Format a chart and more...

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