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BVG PC Hardware Training

PC Hardware Training (Repair, Upgrading, Building, Troubleshooting)
BVG PC Hardware Training
BVG offers hardware training on the latest and greatest in hardware technology. As the industry is constantly advancing in complexity and speed, you can keep up with the leading edge by using high quality training from BVG. With this bundle of courses you can become familiar with your computer's components and be ready to troubleshoot, upgrade and repair your system with the hardware to fit today's demands.
Repair: Learn what makes your computer "tick"so you can troubleshoot computer problems and make your own repairs.
Upgrading: Improve your experience at your computer by upgrading instead of buying a brand new system.
Building: Building a computer is easy when you know what parts you need and how to select the one that's right for you!
Troubleshooting: Gain troubleshooting insight! Discern between hardware and software problems, between driver problems, dll issues, and BIOS problems - and deal

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