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BVG Microsoft Windows XP Training for Home & Pro

Microsoft Windows XP Training for Home & Pro (Basics, Advanced, Digital Tools, Networking)
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BVG Microsoft Windows XP Training for Home & Pro
You can be truly great on your computer when you know the most efficient way to use Windows. With Windows XP training you'll know where Windows organises important settings, shortcuts for working with Windows faster and how to use the extras that make computing more enjoyable.
Windows XP Basics: These step-by-step lessons will teach you what you need to know to make your computer work for you. Create files and folders and learn how to manage them.
Windows XP Advanced: Pump up your Windows XP I.Q. by learning how to make things happen faster! Get online. See what plug and play really means!
Windows XP Tools for the Digital Age: Learn how to create everything from movies to streamed audio or video for the Web. Directly insert digital pictures from your camera to documents.
Windows XP Networking: Today, more than ever before, it's easy to envision having your own home network or setting up your own small business network. Learn how to plan it, build it and manage it!

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