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BVG Access 2000/XP Beginner & Advanced

Access 2000/XP Beginner & Advanced (Barcode EAN = 0053163455514).
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BVG Access 2000/XP Beginner & Advanced
Beginners: Creating databases, Table structure, Exploring views, Customising a template
Including a picture, Navigating through tables/records, Using forms, Finding records
Filtering data, Creating a new table, Switching to Design view, Discussing data types
Adding fields, Setting/removing primary keys, Creating new forms
Using controls, Adding a button control, Inserting graphics and more...
Advanced: Query functions, Build queries to perform calculations, Use aggregate functions
Add a total, Sort, Create a Crosstab Query, Work with query properties
Understand action queries, Update Queries, Update a query as an Action Query
Create a Make-Table query, Run the query, Make an Append Query, Delete a query
Make a Delete Query, Planning for reports, Creating a report, Grouping records

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