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Lacanche LG1053GECTBKCHA

Dual Fuel Cooker- Black / Chrome Trim
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Lacanche LG1053GECTBKCHA
Beloved by French professional chefs, the Lacanche Macon is the classic kitchen workhorse. It has a powerful 5-burner classic hob, made from one piece of stainless steel, its rounded edges and recessed sides making it easy to clean. The pan stands are made from solid cast iron with a non-slip coating, while the burner tops are in solid brass, for greater flame efficiency. The gas controls have child-safe mechanisms and are fitted with gas flame failure sensors. The electric controls have additional safety thermostats.There are 2 large 55L ovens (H30.5 x W40 x D45.5cm): one, a high temperature 3.5kW gas oven, the other a convection oven, offering even cooking, plus the benefit of the large and powerful 2.65kW grill. There’s also a third, 25L static electric oven with grill, making this range cooker a formidable piece of equiment in any kitchen. Below there’s also a useful storage drawer for your pots and pans. Cleaning your Lacanche is easy: the one-piece pressed stainless steel h

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