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agfa CL34

Agfa ePhoto CL34 - Digital photo camera
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agfa CL34
It's everything you are looking for in a digital camera and, above all, easy to use! ePhoto CL34 is a superb quality digital camera that saves up to 30 pictures right on the internal memory so you don't need a memory card (although it has a slot for CompactFlash cards). Super flexible, ePhoto CL34 also doubles as an on-line web camera. And Agfa has made sure that the easy-to-use software bundle is packed with the tools you'll need to create your own personal photo albums, shoot your own video clip, e-mail your shots and mini-videos to friends and family, and order prints directly on-line. This camera also allows video capture over USB with performance of 30 frames/sec at 320 x 240 pixels. Besides a fast USB connection and CompactFlash card slot, ePhoto CL34 features a high quality 1.8-inch color LCD screen. You can review the shot you just took and decide to save or erase it; share your shots with your friends right on the display screen; or access the menu using the handy jog dial for numerous other

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