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Ebac 6200 wood

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Ebac 6200 wood
* New Patented Smart Control fully automatic switch and forget operation automatically adjusts how it runs to the need of your home
* Water extraction up to 16 litres per day suitable for areas up to 160M2
* 2 Fan speed levels & standby position for maximum control
* Power-on Indicator
* Container full warning iIndicator & auto cut-off
* Container full audible alarm (can be dissabled)
* Top loading no spill water - for ease of use
* General filter for a healthier home
* Removable Cable - for easy storage
* Continuous drainage facility for use in holiday homes, caravans and boats
* CFC/HCFC Free - protecting the environment
* Water tank Capacity 7 Pints / 4 litres
* 3 degree minimum operating temperature for the UK climate
* Various colour options : Blonde Oak, Sapele Mahogany, and Silver
* Electronic controls, offers maximum control
* Air Cleaning Mode - particularly usefull in the summer months as a fan and for air filtration.
* Boost control - maximises extraction for 8 hours

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