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Internal 16x48x DVD ROM Bare
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Samsung SD 616 - Removable disk drive DVD-ROM - 48x (CD) / 16x (DVD) (read) - internal - 5.25 x 1/2H - IDE / EIDE
Samsung SD 616 series is based on the industrial-standard DVD format. This DVD-ROM handles single and double side, single and dual layer disks with equal unparalleled efficiency. This DVD-ROM from Samsung is even capable of optimizing the sound quality by adopting ARS (Acoustic-noise Reduction System). It also controls vibration for unbalanced disks automatically by means of ABS (Automatic Ball Balancing System). Its soft MPEG decoder plays DVD-Video without MPEG decoder board. With SD 616 series you can be assured of the top-quality performance, reliability, and serviceability.

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