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Optorite DD0203 (DROPDD0203)

Optorite 4x DVD Burner +/-
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Optorite DD0203 (DROPDD0203)
The DD0203 is Optorite's 4x DVD writer supporting DVD+R(W) and DVD-R(W). This optorire DVD writer provides a complete solution for data backup, storage and distribution - from sharing films and music to archiving a massive 4,7 Gb of content on one DVD disk alone. It removes the compatibility issues that have slowed the take-up of DVD re-writers by incorporating all eight optical storage formats in one product. The DD0203 removes the guesswork one and for all, enabling end-users to create disks for play-back in virtually all DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives with no compromise in performance. DD0203 delivers a very fast and reliable performance at both reading and writing media. Its performance enables the DD0203 to record one hour of DVD Video in just 15 minutes. The product also includes ACTOPC - optorite's high resolution writing strategy to enhance the accuracy of written data. ACTOPC provides the user with improved quality of data copying - whilst allowing for local anomaly in the media - manuf
BURN-Proof: prevents Buffer Under Run; HD-BURN: record twice the capacity of CD-R media; 8 MB internal buffer; Motorized easy touch tray loading; Firmware upgradeable; Installation: horizontal and vertical; 4X Max. DVD+R and -R Write, 2.4X Max. DVD+RW Rewrite, 2X Max. DVD-RW Rewrite, and 12X Max. DVD-ROM Reading, 24X Max. CD-R Write, 10X Max. CD-RW Rewrite and 40X Max. CD-ROM Reading.

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